Friday 17 September 2021

10 Fun Things To Do With The Kids In London

Once again as it does, the weekend is coming and I am excited for it, who cares about the weather, its Autumn, it is always going to be up and down! What does matter is 10 fun things to do with the kids in London this weekend wither you live her or visiting I can certainly help you sort out your weekend.

1. Chessington
Throughout the summer we could not get enough of Chessington, every year we go and every year, we always find new exciting rides to go on. What's better each time we go Leanora gets a little taller, meaning we can go on so many more rides. it is a great day out spent with the family and not only is just for rides, but they even have a zoo there too. 

2. Head to London Zoo
It's trying to spot the little cubs that does it for me, no I don't mean the kids, but seeing if the Lions have had a new cubs. This is the perfect place to explore see animals and birds alike that you've never spotted before, catch show and tell ad learn about animals you know and don't, and if you are lucky enough may just make it for feeding time and help feed the beautiful giraffes. What is best of all, kids under 3 go free.

3. Head To The Bookstore
As you know we are avid readers, so why not head to your local book store and find some new hidden gems that you and the kids can bundle up on the sofa with and enjoy a new magical fantasy for the family, not up for heading home then settle in at your closest and cosiest coffee shop. 

4. Brighton Beach 
Who doesn't love a good day at the beach, strolling along the promonade and eating your weight in fish and chips. Brioghton takes just over an hour and half to get there from London Liverpool Street, Or 1 hour from Clapham Junction, as soon as you get off the train, you see the glorious seaside straight in front of you. We also go to Brighton no matter the time of the year, there are loads of great boutiques, cafes and shops galore to go and explore.

5. Sail on a Go Boat
Why not sail your way around London Town and hire one of the uber cool boats for you and family and friends and taking in all it's wonder.

6. Play Golf
We are avid gamers in my house and we love a good challenge, granted 98% of the time I lose but Puttshack over in Westfield Shepherds Bush is always fun to go to. They have loads of holes and some are great because you can get to win prizes, such as your next game free, food, drinks you name it. We normally head over there after our mother and daughter Friday night dinner, It can get quite busy so I certainly suggest booking in advance, beucause if you get there you may have to wait a while or they maybe fully booked. Its a great game for the whole family to cheer one another on, just dont lose like me, as I am normally left carrying the winner (Leanora) on my back all the way home and I'm left buying the winner ice-cream.

7. Visit A Musuem
London is literally bursting with museums, our favourite has to be The Natural History Museum, but nonetheless which ever we go to, we always get to learn about so many different things, plus an added bonus most of them are FREE to attend. 

8 Eat Some Fun Crumble
OK, lets clear this up, apple crumble, any crumble is not just to eat at school with custard or your for your Sunday pud, you can have it, whenever, wherever.....! Well not wherever, we recetly headed down to Shoreditch to check out Spitafields Market in search for some tasty grub and stumbled across, Humble Crumble! See my rhyming skils there lol!

9. Go To The Theatre
Check out some of London's best Theatres and the shows on offer. I've just booked us tickets to go and see Lion King, I was meant to go a few years back, but I was heavily pregnant at the time and bought ticket for my mothers birthday, but too heavily pregnant to go I will be making up for it now. 

10. Visit Borough Market
Borough market can transform you in to a magical world of food galore from dishes all over the world. It is a great place to hang out with the kids and try some Delicious cuisines 

I hope my 10 fun things to do with the kids keep you entertained, any to add let us know in the comments below! You may also want to check out my guide to every mums best weekend.

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