Wednesday 9 May 2018

Uplifting Bedroom Ideas

Have you ever just entered a room and you instantly felt more relaxed, at peace and at one with yourself, all your worries left at the door and felt as though you have been transported to a beautiful country such as Croatia, Greece or even my next holiday adventure to Morocco thanks to Holiday Gems, very cheap holidays

That is how your bedroom should make you feel each time you enter. Your bedroom, not just your home, should be your safe haven. Your bedroom a place of peace and calm and filled with just you, kids too if you've got them and a few good scented candles to relax your mind, help get rid of pesky smells, such as smoke, a good way to help stop is with a little advice from Nicotinell who's website is jammed packed with a great tips. and some crisp new sheets and bedding. 

When thinking about how you want your bedroom to make you feel, you have to start off with your colour scheme. Lighter, brighter colours give you a softer vibe, calming greens, pale blues, to even light shades of greys to help relax your mind, darker colours sucks as reds absorb the light from your room, giving it a more sexier style. You really have to think about what tranquillity what emotion you want to embrace, after all, other than the office this is where you will be spending most of your time.

The pièce de résistance of your bedroom is a bed, nothing says comfort and luxury than a good bed, I recently invested in an upholstered one from Bed Guru, it was hard to choose but I think I made the right decision and went with a glamorous velvet upholstered bed.

The mood has to be just right, if you do not have dimmers, then a good table lamp, candles too can help you set the mood and lighting to your desired requirements for a chilled vibe. A little tip that I got off mu Mumma, was that she puts her table lamp on the floor for a more cosy atmosphere.

Accessories make the room, it brings it life and adds a touch of your character and personality to it, plus a few flowers along with family or artsy artwork adds an automatic lift to the room, bringing peace and harmony and love together.

I hope these tips and ideas help bring an uplift into your bedroom.

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