Wednesday 30 May 2018

Summer Scent, Lost In The City With Miller Harris

Miller Harris has opened my eyes to a new kind of a beauty. A beauty all stored in a darling bottle and a scent bursting with summer adventure all whilst getting, Lost In The City

Last week a little package arrived at my door, it was a long hard day at work, looking after 14 venues 7 members of staff, a daughter, a cat and a sister who is now living with you is tough, but my worries were washed away by the arrival of a little package at my doorstep, a package from Miller Harris.

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Scents are personal, we love what we love, we hate what we hate. It can always be hard picking a parfum for others, it is so personal, what I may love, you may hate and vice versa but Miller Harris, you cheeky devils you know what I love..... After all, I've been banging on about a particular scent that I crave, no, that I love, Geranium!

When seasons change so does my style and the same can be said for my parfum, the spring and summer months the scents I crave are something nice light and floral as opposed to Autumn and winter where I like something a little heavier and richer. 

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Rhubarb, Rose petals, Geranium embodies this parfum and all three scents I love, but infused together makes me feel like I am lost in the woods, chasing butterflies with Leanora on a bright sunny day. This parfum is far from heavy but nice and light and the fragrance lasts all day and survives my commute to work. 

Lost In The City, is one of a trio from a new collection produced by the London Perfumer, Miller Harris, Lost In The City is in a collection inspired by urban foraging, the bottle is simple, but the packaging it came is so pretty, it even comes with a little-multicoloured stand you can store it in on your dressing table. 

I styled a classic linen dress around this fragrance, as that what they both are classic pieces, no must-have pieces for the Spring and Summer months. Hair kept relaxed as well as makeup minimal, a simple gold watch and my circle straw bag of the moment with some white sandals that picked up from Primark, can you believe for £6.

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