Saturday 15 January 2022

4 Achievable Parenting Tips For 2022

I try not to make any New Year resolutions as a few days in, I know I am already going to give it up, and that is why instead I like to put in to practice some tips to live by, tips that are more than manageable and certainly achievable. 

As parents we are more than capable of nudging our children in the right direction, so why is that I find that I struggle to put my own advise in to practice. This year, especially after the last two years we have all gone through in this pandemic, I've decided to pull up my big girl panties and set my self goals, targets, call it what you like but tips to help me through the new year and I certainly plan on adding to the list - Check out some I've listed below!

1. Put my phone down

Guilty as charged right here. I say to myself I’ll only be on it for 2 minutes, I’ve just got check my emails real quick, which turn into Instagram, TikTok, Leanoras crafty YouTube setup, LTK a little edit and tweak over on Lightroom and a sneak peak at the daily mail, before you know it, a good eight hours have passed and that’s me only at work and I've yet to check the emails. 

It’s so easy to get lost in to your phone and clock up hours, but I plan on restricting my time, jut simply dedicating a period and sticking to it, so I can be more present in the real world, spend more time with Leanora, even unpack and fix the radiator cover I brought a few weeks ago and put that up and free up some space in the hallway to even read my latest book by Lisa Jewell.

2. Let’s go do it

I am the worse, I can easily talk myself out of something. Take for instance the other day, well to be fair I was shattered and just worked a 6 day week and was out with Leanora and Mum the day before at the most amazing exhibition this year to date, (can you see me procrastinating ) which you can see on my Instagram and TiKTok . I woke up on the Sunday did the house work then realised we had tickets booked for ice skating and I was cream crackered (shattered) and I just hit a brick wall, now the thing is If we had gone, I knew we would of had an amazing time, but maybe laziness took over, kinda hoping it's tiredness, but these little thongs shouldn't prevent us from going out and having a blast, after all we've been locked up long enough due to COVID. So any opportunity to go out and have fun, lets go and do it, you won't regret it. 

3.Meal prep

I started this last year and become a bit of a nut at it. Every two weeks I sit down and think about what I or we want to eat, this is A great one to budget B helps you to reduce waste and I am all hear for that.

It can take a little time, but that is fine, this is what you and your family will be consuming over the next few weeks, plus its a major money saviour, I couldn't imagine going to the supermarket everyday and buying ingredients on a daily basis, plus its a great time saver on cooking, especially if you batch cook and put the extras in the freezer to eat another day. 

4. Take care of your body

I kind of let this go a bit, especially now back at work full time and picking up extra time in the office on a weekend, it is so easy to just take 30 minutes each day to help take care of your body, be it a little morning yoga or meditation, a quick HIIT on youtube to even simply consuming water. 

I invested time to find a few good people to follow on youtube to help me get fit, which is an added bonus on saving money and going to the gym and bought a few water bottles and a big brita filter to help with our daily water intake and adding a little healthier lifestyle will certainly get those endorphins going.

Have you got any tips that you find helps you, if so let me know in the comments below. 

Stay well, stay safe.

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