Tuesday 11 January 2022

Gallio, A Meditteranean Delight In London

If you ever want to step out of South London and head into the city for a bite to eat, I highly recommend my hidden secret which you will be able to find if  you jump on he Jubilee line and head down to Canary Wharf, for its latest eaterie Gallio.

Mum, Leanora and I were invited down to taste their delights on offer back when they first opened early December, but unsure times we decided to wait, now no signs of as lock down, we decided what better way to start the new year and head on over to Gallio.

Located on the top floor of Canada Square centre, there you will find a lovely warming Mediterranean restaurant serving all the good stuff. 

Pizza, check! flat breads check! various scrumptious dips check, sharing bowls and vibrant salads, check check check what more can us girls ask for.

There are a few staff on hand and every single one even down to the chef were super lovely and inviting, not just us but to all guests, they instantly made you feel at is.

With a great selection of food on the menu we were stuck on what to order but the staff were on hand and offered their suggestions, we went for a few small plates to share, olives, roasted garlic hummus and the grilled Moroccan chicken shish. These took a few moments to put together and brought out swiftly and honest to god lasted no time in front of us.

Whilst we awaited for freshly made pizzas we ordered the tears of the gods, no word of a lie the most delicious drinks I ever had, the 'black cheery cooler' highly recommended by the lovely waitress the moment I had a sip, my mouth exploded! In a good way, all of a sudden it felt like i could hear the gods singing and saying my name in delight, no drink ever has packed a punch like that, well until I tried the 'hibiscus and cucumber' to then i thought I was going to burst into tears, i have to say that was truly emotional heartwarming moment for me trying these drinks. 

Then came out the pizza, the margherita and the proper ham & mushroom, from the most amazing pizza oven right from the open plan kitchen. It only took a few minutes, all bubbled and crisped to sheer perfection ready for us to enjoy and devour and boy was it good. 

We also ordered a mix and match salad to go with our pizza, the roasted tender stem broccoli, quinoa tabbouleh (my fave) and the caesar salad. 

By this point you would of thought we were full, but the food is so fresh and light, I felt great normally I would of felt bloated and full but I felt great, I believe this is due to the freshness and great quality ingredients used and because of this we simply could not say no to a little desert, we shared the most decadent yet light lemon swirl cheesecake and 3 little piggies ended the meal with the three scoops gelato, which consisted of the amarena cherry & almond, pistachio and vanilla all beautifully made and refreshing. 

Every bite sheer perfection. 

We waddles on out, all three content little piggies had a little stroll around Canary wharf, before headed back home for a little snooze. 

You will find Gallio at; Upper level 2, Cabot Place, Canary Wharf E14 4QT 

I can't recommend here enough!

Great for family eats, dates, lunch, work meetings, I honestly can't think of any occasion that it wouldn't suit!



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