Wednesday 19 February 2020

Manuka Kitchen, Fulham

You see, it’s half term and this week we’ve been out and about all week, off to the cinema, stomping around London sightseeing and exploring our hometown and whilst doing so we’ve built up quite an appetite, so with four bellies rumbling we decide to head to Manuka Kitchen, the independent award winning restaurant located in the heart of Fulham. 

Looking for something cosy and intimate, be it with the kids or friends to even date night, then Manuka Kitchen is the perfect Aladdin’s hidden cave just for you.

The restaurant is big supporters of their locally sourced suppliers, with values that match their own and I love to support businesses that supports their locals too.

But let’s get down to the good stuff, it’s been a windy wet week so let’s dive right in to Manuka Kitchen as I can not wait to show you what this independent award winning restaurant has to serve up.

When eating out with kids, especially in a new place it can be hard to know what they would like, you want them to have a nourishing dish.

Getting settled at the table and having the kids wash there hands, we ordered a selection of hot drinks, my favourite The beetroot latte, hot chocolate for the girls and goldyn mylk, for the other mumma.Whilst perusing and drooling over the healthy seasonal menu, what do we spot but blueberry pancakes Leanora’s favourite, if she could have her way and eat them everyday she certainly would. I mean just look at how fluffy they are, I was a little sneaky and pinched a bit of Leanoras, after all sharing is caring!

Home-cured salmon royal.

Perfectly cooked, super fresh, the eggs are poached to pure perfection, honestly the best royal I’ve had.

Crunchy pot, a nice light and refreshing granola and Greek yoghurt pot with a. Sprinkling of pomegranate.

To share between us the Garden Scrambled Egg, it was so good I could have eaten that also all to myself.

What I love about local bistros like Manuka Kitchen is that it’s seasonal products on offer, items on the menu that you would happily eat anytime of the day, what’s even more of a delight the menu changes monthly, but glad some of our favourites will always be on there, it’s a delightful intimate setting that will keep you guessing and wishing for the updated menu the following month.

If you are looking for good quality food and a great dining experience, or a healthy stack of pancakes loaded with warming maple syrup and fresh blueberries to keep you fueled, then Manuka Kitchen is where you need to be.

Guys, if you have been here what have been your favourite dishes? If you’ve not what are you waiting for let me know in the comments below your thoughts or your recent gem of a find.

You can find Manuka Kitchen at; 510 Fulham Road, London SW6 5NJ or to make a reservation call 02077367588


Disclaimer: this post was a paid collaboration, but all words are my own

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