Wednesday 26 February 2020

How To Perfect Your Storage For The Small Home With IKEA

Let’s talk storage! Before children even arrive, you’re inundated with stuff - whether it’s gifts from the baby shower or cute toys and clothes you’ve bought to prepare. I mean, I bought an insane amount - but you never know how much you’re going to need. Storage is absolutely key. 
My house is filled to the brim with LOL Dolls, teddy’s, Elsa dolls, books, race cars and even that dreaded Lego. Yep, not fun waking up in the middle of the night and stepping on one of those bad boys! But okay, I’ll admit it, my house would not be the same without all of these toys, they all have sentimental value, plus Leanora and I love creating scenes with them. From rescuing the damsel in distress, to swashbuckling pirates on a treasure hunt to Leanora’s favourite, her being the mumma and reading all her soft cuddly toy children a good book, then putting them to bed.

Alongside all the toys, there’s also our own family items and decorations around the home. It’s really important for us to incorporate some well thought out storage ideas without compromising on style. Who better to assist, than IKEA! They’re not all hot dogs and meatballs…
Storage is key for my home, it’s not a large home, so space has to be well balanced out. My favourite accessories are storage boxes and baskets. They’re perfect for storing toys, books, plants and everything in between. Not only do they look stylish around the home, they also add a great texture and design element too. Plus when tidying up, it’s the perfect storage solution to get rid of all the clutter. I have a few affordable stylish favourites - the BRANÄS and FLÅDIS from IKEA.

The FLÅDIS is a great multifunctional storage solution and can be dressed two ways:
  1. With the handles in to show your contents - perfect for the soft plush toys! 
  2. With the handles out to conceal your items  e.g. those pesky smaller toys or hanging plants.
They also have a similar one perfect for the kids room - the KRALLIG. It has a stylish light pink base. 

The BRANÄS is a hand woven rattan basket, which goes hand in hand with the stylish KALLAX storage unit which I picked up in the matt white. We also have the glossy version in our living room. Not only is it the perfect organisational storage unit, its neutral colour naturally integrates with our decor. 

Another great storage solution is the STUK - a moveable storage case that can easily fit in a wardrobe or under the bed. It also slots nicely under the sofa too! We’re using STUK storage cases to store lots of different things:
  1. Books! The cases help to keep them all in one place.
  2. Summer clothes (hopefully not for too long!)
  3. Bed linen - the cases are perfect for this as they’re dust proof!

Sometimes you simply just do not have the room, but if there ever was a time to perfect your storage, it’s now! IKEA have some great storage solutions for your home to suit all your families daily needs.

Disclaimer: This was a paid collaboration with IKEAUK

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