Monday 10 February 2020

Long Distance Dating, Does It Work?

Dating long distance can be hard, whilst it can be fun because you can travel and see outside your post code and visit new sites with a loving companion it’s not always feesable and can even cause a strain on our relationship.

As you know I’ve been dipping back my toe in the dating pool and I have recently started dating a friend who did just live a little too far, whilst he is a great guy he is just not a local guy! I mean yeah I’m busy with being a parent and working full time So I would not of been able to spend as much time together as we would like, it did  get me thinking would it really last and was this fledging relationship worth it for one another.

We met at a friends party overseas and always kept in touch. It can seem like a fairly tale at the best of times, knowing you are out of town spending quality time with a new person having fun exploring somewhere completely different and leaving all worries behind. The best part was bringing in my suitcase to the office on Friday itching to get out of work and whisked off for a romantic adventure, I literally did no work over the period we were dating on a Friday, just could not get my head into the game, all I could think about is heading out for dinner and picking and deciding where we were going to eat, lunch the next day to our boozy afternoons spent people watching in the pub before a long walk by the river and heading home to get changed to party the night away.

Sunday’s were hard, I felt utterly heartbroken, I think more for the sake of my own sense of freedom that I craved as well as spending time with someone I cared about, but by the time I got home it got me thinking is this what I want a weekend here and there stolen on or something more solid and close to home, did I want to date someone so far away?????

Clearly not, as we both came to a mutual understanding, but we are still great friends and think we are better off this way than in a dating relationship that was too long distance for either of us.

So back to the drawing board and back on the dating sites, something a little more close to home and there I search for a London dating site. Keeping it close to home not only saves you that extra cash to get a few more extra drinks in or order a double portion of calamari to even getting you that new dress you also get to realise how many singles there are in London, who doesn’t Love London Singles!

I can happily inform you that I’m back on the sites and I have a friend who just moved and he too is on his local Buckinghamshire dating sites so know matter where you are in the country you can find Love Buckingham Singles to you lovely London Singles too.

Have you guys ever dated long distance, did it work for you or maybe not, even would you do it again travel the world to see that someone


Disclaimer: this post was a paid collaboration, but all words are my own


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