Monday 23 July 2018

My Road Trip Family Essentials

Photo From Harper's Baazar

With the finishing line in sight to the summer holidays, and bodies already projected to the open road and sandy beaches with crystal clear blue seas there are a few things you need to put in check and inspect, especially your car before a road trip prior to you setting out for some fun in the sun.

This week set to be the busiest on the roads and as we pack up the car with luggage, kids, pets and everything minus the kitchen sink you are going to need to make sure you check and replace those tyres regularly, unless you’re planning to have the kids pick up the car and strap it to their backs. Always check the tyres for wear and uneven tread and making sure the alignment is right, plus  make sure you have a spare tyre just in case, failure to do so would be negligent and could result in accidents.

A major no brainer really is to have your brake pads tested too, god forbid you find yourself in a situation where you had to use them abruptly to avoid a collision, get these checked regularly, especially before a road trip to protect you and your family and others around you, if not, it could lead to a fatal accident.

The car is going to be packed, kids are on their tablets playing games, watching movies, you've got the radio on, and it’s going to be a long hot drive in this heat. I certainly recommend stopping off and service your car air conditioning from Ossett Tyre House to get you air conditioning checked out to keep you and the family cool, as improper air conditioning could lead to serious car heat ups.

Refreshments, are always a good idea to and have some treats packed and plenty of water too, you can always make ahead my strawberry sparkling soda and bottle up for the ride to keep you and the kids extra cool.

Family, car and road safety is extremely important, failure to have the above checked, replaced and looked into could lead to serious consequences, such as car breakdowns leaving your family stranded before your holiday has even begun, to more serious results.

Are you hitting the road for your holidays? How will you be preparing? I would love to read your comments below....

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