Friday 15 October 2021

Building Creative Courage With Stagecoach

FREAKING AWESOME! These were the first words out of Leanora’s mouth, after her first class at Stagecoach.

Leanora was invited to attend a two week trial class, with Stagecoach, they hold performing art classes throughout London. My baby is a little shy (you wouldn’t believe it but she really is) and felt a little uneasy about attending. She did not know if she would make new friends, let alone what to expect from the classes, but I assured her she will make lots of new friends, have fun and more importantly learn new skills and unleash some hidden talents. To this she smiled and headed in.

Not familiar with Stagecoach? Don't worry let me help fill you in, their mission is to help their students blossom into well-rounded individuals, ready to embrace life and all its opportunities. With over 30 years experience teaching the performing arts, it is safe to say they are more than confident in what they do

The few classes Leanora has had I saw an instant uplift and confidence and this is what our children need, especially due to the last year's challenges of the pandemic, that they had to face, so this is a great outlet for them to come back together in a safe creative space. 

Performing Arts Benefits our children in so many different ways, such as boosting their confidence, self-esteem and, mental wellbeing, as well as allowing our children to help express themselves in a creative and safe environment. They don't just offer Children Acting Classes, but also teach singing and dancing. Leanora even informed me that they did maths  and english or should I say 'fun maths' her words and I have never seen her more eager to run home and practice what she learnt. 

Stagecoach Performing Arts has never been so needed, it offers our children continuity and continuity is certainly what is needed for them at this time.

With everything being so up and down a little a little regularity is great, it gives them confidence in something to look forward to, they know what is happening and the added bonus, is that they will get to see their friends and have fun at the same time leaning something new. 

Singing, dancing and acting is also a great source of fitness. With us not being able to be as active as we once were due to lockdown, I don't know about you but my body felt a little tight, so these activities are a great source of movement from head to toe  to get the kiddos moving. 

I highly recommend you check out Stagecoach and get your kids signed up. You can find more about them here.

Do your children attend Stagecoach or something similar? What are your thoughts? or maybe Let us know in the comments below. 

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Disclaimer: this is a paid collaborative post but all words are my own 


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