Thursday 20 December 2018

Family Travel Maintenance Checks Over The Festive Season

Planning on travelling over the festive season? There are quite a few things you are going to need and to check out before you hit the open road to keep the family safe and the kids entertained and occupied. 

Whilst over the last year we’ve not been big travellers, I’ve travelled with Leanora enough to know what I need to travel with to have a safe and easy journey being a short or long-haul travel journey, as they say, you live and you learn!

We recently visited family in Northampton and before we sped off down the open road, We made sure to take our safety measures, especially as our car is not new and well over 3 years old and was in need of an MOT so glad that Calmac Tyres was able to help, they checked the brake pads which I was grateful as they were a little worn and replaced them immediately. One must be aware of the brakes functioning properly, negligence to this may lead to devastating consequences and may cause inconvenience along the journey. They also topped up and made sure that the fluid levels are appropriate. Since I travelled with my kid I did not want to go through the hassle of stopping at service stations, I just wanted to get home as quickly and safely as possible, so prior to our trip we made sure to fill up our engine to the required oil levels. I cannot recommend enough visiting Calmac Tyres for all your car servicing needs, you can even book your car in online on their website free of cost.

Be it if you are in the car or on a plane, games are essential to have in your travel e bag to keep the kids and you entertained, mostly you sane from the kids kicking off and complaining every five minutes. Whilst I eye spy is a great game for the family, it can easily become boring, so stock up on cards, activity books and colours.

We are off to Paris for New Years, now whilst I may have learnt French at school, I literally know the bare minimum. Google Translate is my new best friend and is great to have at hand especially if sightseeing and you get. Little lost or if your child has allergies and need to let the hotel or restaurant know.

I cannot lie we always take ours when travelling and it goes without saying, bring the IPad I know I will be! Make sure it’s fully charged and even bring a travel battery charger so if the battery is running low whop out the extension lead to keep it going, perfect for long haul flights and drives.

First Aid Kit
It goes without saying, this is a must, you don’t have t9 bring a massive one, but even if you pack a vanity bag with essentials such as plasters, antibacterial wipes and normal wipes, goes without saying!

Are you travelling over the festive period, where are you guys off to? If you have any great tips for travelling I would love to hear below! Always insure before setting off particularly if driving that your lights are fully working on your vehicle along with all fluids are topped up including fuel, coolant, brake fluid and oil, this is so important and doing these little checks can save you a lot in the long run, no one wants to break down on the motorway ever and keeping your car MOT tested regularly will help you and your family. 

For more family tips you can find them over on Bloglovin!

Lindsey x

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