Monday 31 December 2018

Pommery, The Perfect Champagne For New Year's

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Who does not love a glass of delicious bubbles, it's the drink to celebrate with and this New Year's you'll find the perfect glass of bubbly in my hand from Pommery.

With the countdown on to New Year's, it's officially party season, this is the drink to see it in style, its indulgent, sexy and great shared with friends and family to toast in the New Year's.

The Pommery Brut Royal Champagne is light gold in colour, super delicate, light and refreshing in taste, yet packs a punch in taste and pairs easily with canap├ęs shared on the night or any occasion. 

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When you think of festivities or a girls night in, you think of Pommery! Pommery is not only just a bottle of festive indulgent champagne, but owned by the ultimate girl boss Jeanne Alexandrine Louise Melin, who took control and brought great ideas on the production line since 1860. I am all down for girl power and empowering women throughout the whole world, 2019 I will be seen and doing more of empowering us women, and shall be teaching my daughter to rely upon no man and take a stand and make her mark and pave her own way in life! Not that I'll be teaching her to drink god forbid, I mean she is only 4, but to stand on her own two feet, no matter the odds and be her own girl boss and take control, just like Jeanne and myself and all the mothers, non-mothers and women alike all over the world.

2019 I will be encouraging others, my daughter, myself  no matter what, to take new steps to be courageous, be brave and adventurous be it with our adult choices of beverages, to the paths and decisions we make in life, but before I do, I raise a toast, with a delicious glass of Pommery in hand and wish you all a happy New Year. 

How will you be toasting your New Year?

Lindsey xx

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