Monday 26 November 2018

Tips On Switching Off

The past few weeks have been a total madness, from changing a new job to starting one, to keeping up with my 4 year old 's social life and Christmas school play, from managing the house and everything in between and waking up in the middle of the night, thinking of what needs to be done tomorrow, it can be hard to switch off!

Last week, I did just that, I had to find that nice slow groove and slow down, for my own piece of mind and to recharge and take care of myself. Whilst I love what I do and enjoy being busy, I am  forever grateful, but at times we just need to take it easy, after all there is only one of me and one of you, this does not have to be taking time off, for days on end, even the smallest of things and setting time aside can help. 

Monday Cook-Off
I can normally get home at 10 - 11 pm of a night from work, whilst being out the house for 15 hours is not ideal, it happens and I come home grab a quick bite to eat, before hitting the bed, but last week I changed that I took a little time to get out earlier and get home and spend time with my family I even managed to cook and I loved it, I felt so much more relaxed, just because it is the first day of the week, does not mean I have to smash it from the get-go. 

Whilst this may not seem like self-care, it truly felt it. I felt more invigorated just spending time with family and cooking, even though the kitchen was left looking like a war zone, the mushroom and lentil bolognese was a hit, Leanora and I sat on the kitchen floor and ate it, giggling about our day whilst enjoying our meal surrounded by pasta on the walls. 

Read It
So you know I am a major fan of books, I actually have not read anything new for a little while, because I've been so busy. But I treated myself for my Birthday and started Michelle Obama's, Becoming and it is amazing, but I'll fill you in more later in the week when I finally bring out my latest book club reads. 

Armed with a book, on route to work and a little reading before bed, is just so relaxing. It is about finding that balance to break away from work and the constant go of life, to help you switch off, be it even watching a movie or a fave tv show, we are currently loving Dynasties documentary on a Sunday.

Midweek pamper
Nothing like switching off, then a little beauty self-care, that midweek pick me up and a little indulgence to help you feel better and relaxed is perfect. With Christmas fast approaching I wanted to save some money, so I bought some beauty bits from Feelunique and had an at home pampering session. 

After a long hot soak, a bath filled with essential bath oils, some candles burning, my new fave podcast on in the background and freshly polished nails., by the time I got into bed, tucked up with a book, I felt less stressed, re-energised and mentally renewed. My body and my find felt great immediately leading me to have better and non broken sleep. I totally recommend taking time out with a pamper night at least once a week as a must. 

Stretch it out
I have to confess I always try to find a million excuses to not go or work out at home, it is too cold, it's too dark, I've not slept enough, I got too much work to do, the gym is going to be busy I won't be able to get a slot avail;able for a class, you can see where I am going with this right!

So last week, I made sure to get in at least two works in the morning, if I can not attend a class, I got up 30 minutes earlier, rolled out my mat and stretched it out. I felt leaner after yoga and stronger after a 30-minute pilates session and you can instantly feel the benefits in your mind, body, and soul. I learned the importance after a work out on taking care of one's self, I felt ready for my day and able to tackle whatever comes my way and charged with life and positivity and anything negative I may have been thinking or holding on to, simply went away. 

It is about doing small things to help you switch off, feel rested and energised to be able to manage your days and weeks. Instead of doing all of this on a Sunday to prep me for the week, it's about doing a little each day. 

What would you do with your week or day to help you switch off?

London Mumma

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