Monday 27 June 2016

Strawberries & Whipped Coconut Cream

Game, set, match! 

It is the first day of Wimbledon Tennis and what better way to celebrate than good traditional strawberries & cream! 

But wait! I've got a little twist for you instead of using normal cream and pouring it over your juicy strawberries, I've hulled them out thanks to my trusty new strawberry huller gadget sent to me by the amazing team at OXO and stuffed it with the most scrumptious whipped coconut cream! 

I've seen this recipe flying around for a while now and finally decided to make it and tweak to my own tastes as I've never been a major coconut fan, but this bad boy has certainly changed my mind.

1 can of 100% coconut milk (This is very important)
Icing sugar 
1 cap full of vanilla flavouring 

Now the first part is important, once you've purchased your coconut milk, place straight in the fridge and leave overnight to chill. 

Before going to make my whipped coconut cream I chill my glass mixing bowl for 15 minutes in the fridge.

Open your tin of coconut milk be careful as to not shake as you need the formed cream which will rise to the top of the can if you shake or accidentally drop which I nearly did (Miss Butterfingers) the formed coconut milk will separate and that we do not want!

Once your tin is opened scoop out the formed coconut milk and place in your chilled mixing bowl.

Add your icing sugar, I used 4 tbsp, a drop or two of your vanilla essence and mix like crazy for 2-3 minutes until combined and you are all done.

If you have a piping bag in hand fill it up with your yummy cream and fill up 

You can thank me later for these gorgeous filled strawberries, perfect to bring with you to watch the tennis or great at any bbq.

What I love about this whipped coconut cream, you can put this on pretty much anything, or if you do not want to use icing sugar, maybe cocoa would be a great alternative.

Will you be making anything for the Wimbledon Tennis or do you have your tickets?

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London Mumma. xx



  1. Do the coconut and strawberry taste go well together? Or is it odd tasting?

    1. No, it is divine! The Coconut is not over powering at all.


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