Monday, 14 March 2016

Ciate London x Olivia Palmero Beauty Review

I have never been a major lipstick fan, but when I saw these beauts with a bronzer to boot I could not leave them behind.

Since the begining of 2016 I vouched that at least once a month, I would go out of my conmfort zone and try something new.

This March is all about lipstick, now I am not saying I want crazy colours like blue, green, or even yellow! I am not Kylie Jenner nor that young to get away with it! I am a Mumma now and all that crazy stuff is all behind me (YEAH RIGHT).

I spotted these two gorgeous lipsticks believe it or not in TK Maxx, both priced at a bargain price of £5.99, so obvs I had to purchase as I could not leave it behind. I love the packaging that it came in, sorry I can not show you as Leanora pretty much ahniliated it, nothing is sacrerd in my home anymore.

The packaging is a bubbled black box with gold finishings is trรจs chic. The lipsticks are incased in a gold holder, it certainly matches Olivia Palmero's style and elegance. I have to say out of  all the fashionistas in the world she is certainly one of my main girl crushes, plus her hubby is crazy hot!

The Truffle is more of a darker nude as opposed to the Cashmere which is a lighter softer nude, for me personally what I like about them is that you are abe to wear them all seasons and would certainly suit all skin tones.

You do not need, to apply heavily as the colour instantly shows up, as stated on the box 'one swipe colour pay-off' which it certainly does.

Now this little gem, is a real find as this is just what I have been looking for, a gorgeous duo blusher bronzer for the Spring/Summer months. This is the perfect shading of dusty pink and golden brown combined to bring me in to spring/summer.

The colour pallette I purchased was the Bluff Point, it sweeps on like a dream, it just gives you that dewy finish and it feels ever so soft and looks great on the skin, not at all bitty or dusty as some I have found in the past leaves you looking.

I love that everything I purchased from the Ciate London X Olivia Palmero collection is verstaile for all sking tones. I do like it when a brand and celeb actually think of their customers as a collective and not just as one race.

What have been your recent Spring/Summer beauty purchases that you are loving?

London Mumma. xx



  1. Oooh those lippies look sexy!!! The things you can find in TK MAXX!! Lawddd! Great post mumma!! Xx

    1. Hey Laura, they are absolutely divine & at a bargain price! I never go into TK Maxx, I only happened to go in their to follow a friend. xx

  2. These look lush! I think TK Maxx has the best beauty finds you'll be surprised what you can find in there! ;)

    Shannon ~

    1. Shannon, I was totally stunned, they have so many amazing brands I think I will certainly be going back on a regular basis. xx

  3. I found the range in TX Maxx as well and nearly died when I saw how cheap they were! I really want to get my hands on blusher/bronzer duo it looks divine...

    Parie x

    1. I only managed to see the blusher on the off chance as I was walking away, she it was a brilliant find. TK Maxx is certainly a treasure trove, did not realise that had such great brands and products stocked,

      Did you purchase the lipsticks, what did you think?

      LM. xx

  4. The shades look beautiful, and the packaging is even more gorgeous!

    Lilies and Lipbalm

    1. Mel, they are gorgeous. I am a totally convert to lipsticks. xx

  5. These lipsticks look so nice ! I love the colours, will definitely give it a try xx


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