Sunday 31 January 2016

Misguided Active at Pure Ride

Three awsome things have happened so far this week, a Missguided delivery, Pure Ride and a good catch up with the girlies. 


So I spied that Missguided have designed a new sports wear range and I thought I just had to test it out. The designs are amazing, plus they have a a lot to offer and designs to suit everyone's needs. I decided to purchase the Active contrast piping leggings with the matching Active Strappy Back Detail Vest Coral and where better to put it to the test, than none other than Pure Ride. 

I heard so much about Pure Ride and been informed that it is no ordinary spin class and thought this Mumma is going to go check it out and see what the hype is all about, as I am a sucker for a new concept and especially a class/training programme that has been developed by none other than Sir Chris Hoy, GB most successful Olympic champion. 

I also cried a little inside once I booked myself and the girls in as I did not know if I would make it out alive, as I've heard that spin classes are brutal! 

On arrival you enter the sleek foyer and scan your QR code in which you are sent prior to your class and head on down to the reception to meet the lovely staff. 

Once at reception you are asked for you shoe sizes and given some snazzy clip-in shoes, they come in two colours white and black, I was a little disappointed as Ana & I got the white and my friend Linda got the black, but really I'm just being picky.

Pure Ride also have some great merchandise for sale, so if you forget your gear you can bag some of there items for sale. 

The great thing about Pure Ride is that you don't really need to bring anything as they provide you with pretty much everything you need to soft cushiony towels to heavenly toiletries, plus I pinched a few of the yummy sweets at the desk oops!

All three ladies ready and we set off to start our class.

There are two types of 45 minutes classes, in the first studio there is a themed, choreographed workout incorporated with hand held weights and the second studio is a high-intensity workout to dance/house music. The studio is dimly lit with strobe lighting with the music blasted out of the surround sound to really get you going.

You are clipped in to the pedals (via our snazzy trainers) and you feel as you are at one with your bike, the lights go down, strobe lighting and music comes on, you are ready to roll.

Our instructor Richard was awesome he incouraged the whole class and pushed us all through the 45 minute work out.

I just about survived the intense work out, I had Ana laughing at me through the whole class as I kept on telling her my lady bits were hurting. Linda was a true champion and probably did the best out of us three, but we certainly had a cracking time and felt super energised after the workout.



Would I return hmmmm yeah, not for a few weeks this London Mumma needs some time to recover. 

Before we left I had to chill out in the lounge. 


I certainly recommend checking out and booking a class. 

You can find Pure Ride here

A big thank you to Richard and the rest of the team at Pure Ride for having us.


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