Saturday 23 January 2016

All Black Everything

If you come to my home and check out my wardrobe, you would be hard to find any colour, reason being as having a small child you get covered in all sorts of crap literally every day, so my main go to clothing colour choice is black, more so being as it is flattering and can cover up any stains (just about).

I headed to Portobello and set out taking some picture, in this windy weather.

On route to Portobello I thought, hmmm this London Mumma needs a little treat, plus I can meet a friend for a quick coffee before I head to Portobello & off to Westfield I headed.

I arrived and knocked at heavens door (ZARA) and I found this amazing new beauty, which I just had to snap up and all for a bargain amount of £50 plus it is black and it just arrived this week, obviously I had to purchase, I mean it would of been sacrilege not to.....right?!

I am so in love with this purchase, I love the cut and the waterfall draping plus it is super soft, It also comes in a Camel and a Grey which I think I may just head back for this week.

As cold as it is in London town I braved it and rocked my new Faux Suede Jacket it fitted perfectly with the rest of my outfit and completed my Chanel 'Le Boy' bag and new Topshop beauties which I bagged in the sale.

                                                 - O U T F I T D E T A I L S -
                                                           Jacket: Zara 
                                                         Top: Missguided
                                                           Jeans: Asos
                                                         Heels: Topshop
                                                           Bag: Chanel

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  1. Hi, Lindsey! What a fashionable Mom in black!! Love the black outfit you wear in these pics! Nice, nice .... Nice to meet you, Mumma!

    1. Hi Vee, thank you so much for your lovely message, truly means a lot. Stay tuned for more this week. LM xoxo


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