Monday 26 July 2021

Tips for Freebie Fans to Make Life Easier!


Offers That Appear Way Too Good Are Likely Not the Real Deal

You need to check that the freebie really is genuine (if you are being offered a £1000 voucher you know it's not a real thing) and you also need to check the terms and conditions very carefully to make sure that you fully understand what you are agreeing to. Check out this infographic for more information.


Keep Your Expectations in Check

The majority of freebies come as small samples, not a full-size product. The reason that lies behind the freebie is that of you trying out the product without having to fork out money for it, if you like it, you go ahead and purchase a full-size product yourself. Keeping your expectations in check also means that you won't expect to get all the freebies you apply for.


If You Aren't Willing To Ask People May Not Be Willing To Give

Try sending out letters and emails to various companies asking if they have any free samples that they are happy to send out to you. You can also let companies know how much you like their products, this can sometimes result in boxes full of freebie goodness landing on your doorstep. If you have been dissatisfied with a product, make sure you tell the company about this too. You will find that most companies are quick to provide a replacement freebie and a few extras if their customers have been dissatisfied with their initial product.


Guilt Is Not Your Friend

Ordering a few free samples from your favourite company is not going to put them into bankruptcy. In fact, they love it for the benefits it brings them. Each time they send out a sample package they are, in effect, being given the chance to draw in a new customer. After all, most of us who receive something for nothing and think it's pretty great are going to head out to purchase one with our hard-earned cash.


Get Yourself Set Up With a Second Email Address

Possibly the most important tip. Don't let your email account get bogged down with spam mail, instead set up a second account and do the same for your social media account and phone number - you need all of these to claim your freebies. This tip is worth its weight in gold!


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