Friday 9 July 2021

6 Family Movies To Watch This Weekend

Fridays are the ultimate family movie night in our house, after a long week at work and school, we normally head straight out for dinner, then come home laden with goodies galore, throw on some comfy lounge wear and settle in for our Friday family movie night.

Growing up as a kid, we always had Saturday evenings or Sunday afternoons as our family movie time, back then it was all Star Wars, Labrynith or the Goonies, fast forward 30+ plus years later and a kid in tow, they are still some of my favourite films, luckily for me Leanora loves them too, well......Not yet Star Wars she may be a tad too young to sit through it, but don’t worry I’m working on it. 


Disney+ latest family movie, set in Italy were two young boys become fast friends looking for adventure and knowledge. I absolutely adored this film, I even got a little upset at the end, when Luca set off to school leaving his best bud behind. Lica is funny, courageous and absolutely inspiring.

Raya & The Last Dragon

I mean come on, this movie hands down is amazing, I think Leanora and have watched this a million times, who hasn’t! This was one the first movies to be released throughout COVID, naturally in the cinema but in s lockdown, but Disney+  had this to purchase via a premium service, totally worth every penny for this epic adventure.

The Croods

I mean who doesn’t love a laugh out movie and this set in the stone age following a very weary family, with an ever so curious daughter, is the perfect family Friday night movie. Plus we are super excited as Croods 2 comes out next week and it will be Our first time back in a cinema since the restrictions have been lifted.

The Mitchell’s vs The Machines

Randomly we srumbled upon this coming of age, machine family fighting movie on Netflix. This story follows a family who’s daughter is a little different, sets off for college, which like most teenagers who can’t wait to run off for independence is brilliant. Dad who decides instead of letting his daughter jump on a plane to spread her wings at college, decides NOPE! Family drive, to the daughters frustration and along the way, they try to make memories, but those memories comes at a cost, a battle with the machines, a loving family movie is a must to watch.

Dora & The Lost City of Gold

I mean who doesn’t know Dora, the explore theme tune. Literally grew up hearing my little cousins and nieces and nephews singing all about Doras adventures with her trusty backpack. This film version I have to say did not disappoint, I was a bit sceptical at first, but as soon as I watched the song came flooding back.

The Witches

Now, for me this was one of my favourite Roald Dahl books as a kid and the movies I simply loved and I am always worried if a remake would be as a good as the original, but this was better, well same par. This is a great introduction to kids of opening their mind to the weird and wonderful writer that Ronald Dahl is.

What adventurous movies will you and your family be watching this weekend, have you watched any of the above or what are you and your family favourite movies to watch? Let us know in the comments below or you can tag me over on Instagram by using the #LondonMumma tag to show m us what you are watching this weekend? 



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