Friday 9 April 2021

Getting Back To Dating After Lockdown

A couple of years ago, no one would of envisioned what this past year in a half would of brought to the world. With lock down easing in a few days, everything opening up, which I’m so excited about that I can’t figure out if I will be getting my hair, nails or eyebrows done, but what I do know is, that so will my dating life.

During the pandemic it’s been a little harder to find love, true genuine love. Whilst it’s been great speaking to people via messages, it’s the natural face to face connection that’s been missing nor do I mean a physical one.

Social distancing still firmly in place now, and with in reason, dating during this pandemic doesn’t have to be a bore but exciting. I think this is a really great time to genuinely get to know someone, have a more emotional connection rather than a physical one, after all, we have a life time to get to that part.

I find, really getting to know someone more attractive, now being older and a parent and hopefully a little wiser! Gone are my somewhat wild ways, I’m now looking to settle down, hopefully with the one.

I am starting to find that one online dating can be great, adventurous and very fun, there are loads of free dating sites, apps you name it, all at the touch of your finger tips.

I find online dating a lot more safer and easier, you can go online from the comfort of your own home, a little bored whilst on the commute to work, even a little cheeky look whilst on your lunch break or if you really want to be a bit mischievous you could be bound for an Oxfordshire Dating meet up. The world is your oyster, and virtual dating is perfect to help connect you with other singles from all over the country, to even a little closer to home.

Regardless if it works out or not, just have fun with it and take each experience as it comes.

Before I used to over analyse everything, to what I am going to wear, the polish on my nails, location, longevity of the date, to even how my date was gonna turn up!! Pre pandemic problems am I right! Now no more of that, I think we’ve all had enough to deal with during these times, now time to simply let go of all those things that really and truly do not matter and focus on what does and what you are looking for and want.

Just remember guys, dating should be fun whilst meeting new people, never settle and who knows you may end up with a second date.

Let me know your thoughts and your experiences of dating during the pandemic, how have you found it and any highs or lows, did you find the perfect one for you? Let me know in the comments below.

Be safe & well.


Disclaimer: this is a paid collaborative post but all words are my own

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