Sunday 18 April 2021

A Snippet Of What I Got Upto To This Week

What a week! We've had rain, snow and clear blue skies all with a chill in the air. Regardless its has been a glorious week.

Restrictions finally easing we've taken full advantage of it, an added bonus is I've been off work all week due to the Easter Holidays! The beginning of the week, we were not too adventurous as I thought it best to keep it local and not hit the shops on the first few days as queues would just be insane and I hate to queue!

I was sure to make good of our free time and a few days off work, I got a plumber in and had installed some new taps in the kitchen and bathroom, plus refreshed both rooms with a fresh lick of paint. 

Each year I always like to spruce up our home, however I am thinking that this may be the last time as I am wanting to move, possibly get a bigger home, especially with Leanora getting bigger and in a couple of years she will be heading to secondary school, so it only makes sense, as well as pondering with the idea about getting a dog! But for now we’re more than content with our boy Milo!

With all the home renovations, updates and general Spring clean out of the way, I can happily say Mumma went out out! It was truly nice to see and spend good quality time with friends and family, plus having my first cocktail ‘Porn Star Martini’ in like forever.

A few of the Mumma’s and single gals, kids in tow got together for a late lunch early dinner a few days ago, to catch up, be social and just be in others company, plus we had a few extra socially distanced join in.

Now for the exciting fun part, a dad, his bestie and the dads Daughter ended up joining us, from the next table over. L and the daughter soon became new besties, playing hide and seek which was the cutest, bobbing and weaving through out the tables in the garden leaving us mum as, single gals and men talking from one table to another! Talk about Match me happy!

Honestly, it was the best day, no! We’ve all had in a very long time, just the normality of things of meeting new people and getting together with old, plus it didn’t hurt that the dad and his friend were hot!! 

All talking amongst ourselves and talking about work, to the next restaurant we will be eating out in, to even the next staycation got me more interested in the possibility of travelling to see other cities to explore get in a little Lincolnshire Dating with other singletons and exploring our amazing country! 

The UK has so much to offer, and with the promise of beautiful weather on the horizon and a little freedom, I plan on making the most of it by going on all sorts of adventures and trying new cuisines with friends and family. This week has been truly an amazing week. 

Let me know what you got up to in our first week of freedom! Don’t forget you can also tag me over on Instagram or by using the #LondonMumma tag to show me what you get up to or keep up to date on what’s new on the blog via Bloglovin!


Disclaimer: this is a paid collaborative post but all words are my own


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