Wednesday 13 July 2016

Sunday Bumblings, Northcote Road Fete

Three little piggies belly's full from lunch, the sun is finally peaking out and what do you on the last day of the Wimbledon's Men's Tennis Final, you go to watch it at Northcote Road Fete. 

Leanora, Mum & I set off for a stroll to the Northcote Road Fete. Once a year every summer the businesses of Northcote Road hold a street party to showcase the very best of what they have to offer, plus it is a great day for local families and visitors to come together and enjoy a special production, put on from local schools and clubs.

We ran on down to Northcote Road, we were supposed to be strolling, but add Leanora and her scooter = Mummy & Nannie chasing after her like two mad women battling it out who is going to win this year's Big Brother or Love Island (totes happy for both Cara & Nathan, my true faves and so deserved to win)   We arrived in no time to the oncoming music on Northcote Road and instead of investigating further in, my mum spotted from a mile away a  jewellery stand (I think my mum was a magpie in a previous life) sparkles in her eyes, we set off to the stand, we met the lovely lady who actually hand makes these little gems of creations, well no gems I would of cleaned up, but beautiful stone creations.

My mum opted for a simple but chic silver band, she is currently going through a silver craze. She was pleased as punch with her purchase.

As we dived further and further into the dancing crowd, I got a whiff of something sweet, something cinnamon and rich in chocolate, my favourite treats Churros, the queue was painstakingly long, but I was determined to get in and queue for these bad boys!

Was it worth it hell, yes! Especially as Leanora had fallen asleep by that time we got to the front and ordered so more for mummy, oh yeah Nannie too (I forgot about her) I repeated my mantra, sharing is caring and happily shared with mum as we weaved throughout the fete!

Stall upon stall we came across loads of great brands and their goods that they had to offer, from children's clothing to homewares to every kind of food stall so much was avialble that I wish we had lunch down here. Leanora was still asleep which was a shame as there was so much for the little ones to do, from face painting, lucky dips, sand pits and bouncy castles.

As I was tucking into my last Churro I spotted Leanora looking right at me and Cha-Chi was not happy, before I knew it I guzzled the last remaining piece of my chocolatey Churro! Leanora was mortified and very upset as you can tell by her face ooppps!

But, after ice cream was purchased and a trip to the park! She was happy as Larry. And yes her dress was completely covered in ice cream sludge, so I was lucky enough to bag this shot of Leanora before she annihilated it, you may remember this dress form my 10 Best Girl Summer Dresses.

A great end to a great weekend and I am certainly looking forward to next year's fete.

Did you go to any fete's/street parties to watch the tennis? Or if you know of any coming up, do let me know.

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London Mumma xx



  1. Looks like you had so much fun. The food looks incredible. Great post xx

    1. It was such a great day out for all the family, looking forward to next year. xx


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