Friday 12 February 2016

MINI HAUL | Zara, River Island, & Other Stories, Accessorize & Essie

These past few weeks for me have been mental and I can not believe how this week has literally flown by. 

I have had no time to myself, so I decided to hit the shops to treat myself and it was not until I got home that I noticed a slight theme in my purchases, so grab a cuppa get comfy my lovelies and lets get to it...

I ventured to where I normally dare not enter and that is to Oxford Circus! I am a person who hates crowds (I am an online shopper), but I had a meeting in town so had no choice.

My first stop was Accessorize, I must say I do find their stores sometimes a little too small, but it can be a sort of treasure trove.

I already own a few pieces of nightwear sets and jewellery and I was pleasantly surprised to now add these darling blue lace bras to my collection, I guess you could say it just blue me away (bad joke I know but I could not resist!). It was the detailing that caught my eye and the intricate details on the lacing. I could not decide on which to get so bought both and to be fair just because they are both blue they are both completely different ( so I tell myself to make it more acceptable of purchasing two blue bras).

Bras both priced at £14.00 each

I then bumped in to the ring stand and spotted these gorgeous stacked rings with blue stones, I thought brilliant they match the bras they are coming home with me. My only pet peeve about stacking rings, is that the little ones, I tend to lose as throughout the day as they can/may just slip off but these little beauties priced at £12.00 all is fine, especially as you get 7 little gems.

What can I say as you get to know me I LOVE nail polish, I literally have a draw dedicated to nail polish at home. My current favourite brand is Essie, the shades they offer are amazing, if you are looking for say a bright pink but no too harsh they supply that just in between which is perfect and what always makes me smile is the names of each colour.

This delightful shade is Go Ginza, which I shall be putting on today once applied I shall update and put a picture up on my Instagram. So keep a look out and let me know your thoughts. This colour I am just in love with, it is sort of like an icy purple, very fresh and perfectly represents this weather we have been having London, don't you think?

I have been in to & Other Stories less that a handful of times, I have always found it to be far too busy to completely roam without bumping into someone, but luckily I was in earlier enough before the masses engulfed and to my delight I found this gorgeous bracelet, which is currently in the sale priced at £12.00.

I love the solidness of this bracelet it feels very heavy duty and is solid enough to withstand Leanora which is perfect for me, meaning it is indestructible from her grips lol!

How perfect are these blue mirrored sunglasses that I bagged from River Island, I have to say I have never been a major fan of River Island but from time to time I do manage to find the odd item that I fall in love with and these sunglasses are certainly one of them. I love the mirrored effect and the gold finish, for me I have a funny sort of shaped face and not all glass frames suit my face so when I find a great pair that suit me I will buy in droves (I did purchase 2 of the same, reason being Leanora the destroyer lol). I can not remember how much I paid for these I think something between £10-£15.00.

I saved the best to last, now I am a big Zara fan who isn't right?! The minute I saw this bag I just feel in love, now I certainly love a big bag, but every girl needs a small classy bag.

Priced at £29.99

What drew me to this bag is the colour it is almost like a rough teal/blue shade with a gorgeous metal feather finish. It comes in two other colours blue and brown, but I thought this would go with anything, be it an all black outfit, a grey jumper dress or the most basic of outfits this would jazz it up a bit (just sounded like my mum JAZZ really!!).

Even though the bag maybe small it certainly fits all my essentials, keys, purse, lip balm blusher/bronzer and a sweet or two.

Have you got any of these purchases or similar, what do you think?

London Mumma. xx



  1. Great post, blue is my favourite colour :) I love those bras! I know what you mean about accessorize stores been small, all the ones we have in Leeds are tiny too and get packed full of people so it's hard to look properly.

    1. Hey Katie, aww I am so glad you like. I actually have been back and purchased other colours lol! I really do not understand why they are so small, we should petition for large store.

      LM xx

  2. aah I love all the blue! Those bra tops are so cuteee! You're so right about the size of the stores though! Oh, and I love the bag.


    1. Thank you my love, do you own any from Accessorize?
      LM xx

  3. I need to go shopping pronto! Love everything you picked out! I already own Essie Go Ginza and love it! The sunnies and Zara bag are to die for! Great finds!
    ~ Cat L.

  4. Cat, I think I have serious problems, I just can not help it lol! The Go Ginza is amazing, I think all the Essie colours are great. xx

  5. Those bras are gorgeous! I don't own anything quite like that yet but maybe I should be daring and step outside my comfort zone hehe! I love love love that bag, it's super cute and the colour is beautiful. Zara ALWAYS has the best bags X

    Shannon //

  6. So in love with the bag!!! Especially the feather detail!! Nice haul :D
    Jade xo


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