Wednesday 24 February 2016

Bacanal Brunch Party

I was recently invited to a brunch party by the amazing boys of Bacanal, for their Anti-Valentines Anniversary party.

My two fave words, brunch + party = This London Mumma is going to have an awesome time.

As soon as I came off the phone, I called the girls whipped my jeans on, booked the Uber and off I went to the Bloomsbury Ballroom for an afternoon full of fun debauchery.

If you are wondering what is a brunch party, they are parties held in venues for the brunch period until the early evening. These brunch parties originally started in New York and thankfully has now filtered its way to the UK.

Bacanal launched in 2010, they have held invitation only parties all over the world. The name stems from the Roman/Greek God Bacchus/Dinoysius, the mythological god of wine (I sure do love a glass of wine or two) and used to describe a wild mystic festival.

Before we ventured in to our afternoon of fun, I quickly meet the girls for a quick chat at a bar not too far.

Once inside the venue it was packed! The music was pumping by the amazing DJ's, everyone was having fun and we got stuck right in!

They had great entertainment throughout the night.

When the performers where in full flow, I inhaled the most delightful smell and went on a hunt to find this beaut!

Obviously I tucked in and pretty much ate the whole thing, until I was banished hahaha!

Overall an amazing night, or should I say brunch with amazing beautiful people, everyone was so nice and friendly and it was the most fun that I had in a long time. 

Bacanal's brunch parties are certainly somewhere you should go to have a good time with your friends and meet new ones. 

Will I return, hell yeah! 

I would 100% recommend attending to everyone.

Stay tuned for the next party, plus to keep up to date click this link BACANAL  

I will also be posting the next event being held shortly so stayed tuned!

Big thank you to the whole Bacanal Team, thank you for having us.

Have you been to any brunch parties?

London Mumma. xx



  1. This sure looked like a great brunch party! I haven't been out much since my 19 month old entered the picture! So I really enjoyed this post and your photos! ~ Cat L.

    1. Same Cat, it is very much a rarity haha! So as you do get a chance defo let me know how your night or should I say brunch was. Really glad you liked the post and loving your Blog also it is awesome and certainly one of the best i've seen. xx

  2. Wow looks like you had a great time! I would love to go to a brunch party it looks amazing :)

    1. Hi Charlotte, I did. If you ever get a chance you must certainly go to one they are so much fun.

      London Mumma. xx

  3. A fabulous brunch party! Loved all of these party photos. Have never been to such a fabulous brunch party. Thinking to host a brunch party for my sister and going to reserve lofty spaces for the party pretty soon.


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